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Permanent Faculty Emeriti Professors Part-time Lecturers

All email addresses, unless otherwise specified, should be appended with "" .

Permanent Faculty

  Alessia Mandini
PhD, University of Bologna, 2007
E-mail: alessia.mandini
Office: L849
Phone: 3527-1756
Differential Geometry
  Alessandro Alla
PHD, Universidade di Roma, Sapienza, 2014
E-mail: alla
Office: L849
Phone: 3527-1756
Partial Differential Equations
  Boyan Sirakov
PhD, Paris VI 2000
E-mail: bsirakov
Office: L749
Phone: 3527-1722
Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
  Carlos Frederico Palmeira
PhD, IMPA 1976
E-mail: fredpalm
Office: L870
Phone: 3527-1739
Analysis and Differential Equations

  Carlos Tomei 
PhD, New York University 1982
E-mail: tomei
Office: L750
Phone: 3527-1719
Analysis and Differential Equations, Combinatorics
  Carlos Hugo Jimenez 
PhD, University of Seville, 2012
E-mail: hugojimenez
Office: L851
Phone: 3527-1753
Functional Analysis and Probabilistic Methods
  David Martínez Torres 
PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 2003
E-mail: dfmtorres
Office: L851
Phone: 3527-1753
Geometry and Topology
  Edgard Pimentel 
Ph.D. in Mathematics, IST 2013
E-mail: pimentel
Office: L849
Phone: 3527-1756
Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
  Lorenzo J. Díaz
PhD, IMPA 1990
E-mail: lodiaz
Office: L876
Phone: 3527-1742
Dynamical Systems

  Marcos Craizer
PhD, IMPA 1989
E-mail: craizer
Office: L874
Phone: 3527-1741
Differential Geometry
  Nicolau Corção Saldanha
PhD, Princeton 1989
E-mail: nicolau
Office: L750
Phone: 3527-1719
Analysis and Differential Equations, Combinatorics, Topology
  Rafael Ruggiero
PhD, IMPA 1989
E-mail: rorr
Office: L869
Phone: 3527-1743
Dynamical Systems

  Ricardo Alonso
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2008
E-mail: ralonso
Office: L848
Phone: 3527-1754
Analysis and Differential Equations

  Ricardo Sá Earp
PhD, PUC-Rio 1986
E-mail: earp
Office: L865
Phone: 3527-1737
Differential Geometry

  Sinesio Pesco
PhD, PUC-Rio 1997
E-mail: sinesio
Office: L872
Phone: 3527-1740
Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing

  Simon Griffiths

PhD, Universty of Cambridge, 2008
E-mail: simon
Phone: 3527-1722
Combinatorics and Probability

  Silvius Klein
PhD, University of California Los Angeles, 2005
E-mail: silviusk
Office: L749
Phone: 3527-1722
Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Physics


Emeritus Professors

  George Svetlichny
PhD, 1968, Princeton University
E-mail: svetlich
Office: L854
Phone: 3527-1736
Mathematical Physics

  João Bosco Pitombeira
PhD, Chicago 1967
Mathematics Education

  Paul Schweitzer
PhD, Princeton 1962
E-mail: paul
Office: L854
Phone: 3527-1736


Part-time Lecturers

  Ana Cristina B. Oliveira
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 1997
E-mail: ana
Office: L451

  Alessandro Gaio Chimenton
PhD, PUC-Rio, 2015
E-mail: alessandro
Office: L752

  Christine Sertã Costa
M.Sci, UFRJ, 2000
E-mail: cserta
Office: L451

  Cristiane Pinho
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 1997
E-mail: kity
Office: L451

  Débora Mondaini
PhD, PUC-Rio, 2011
E-mail: debora
Office: L868
Phone: 3527-2315
  Daniel Kiss
M.Sci, UFF, 2010
E-mail: daniel.debian
Sala: L451

  Eduardo Barbosa Pinheiro
PhD, UFRJ, 2013
E-mail: eduardo.pinheiro
Office: L451

  Emília Carolina S.T. Alves
PhD, PUC-Rio, 2016
E-mail: emilia
Office: L451

  Juliana Freire
PhD, NYU, 2009
E-mail: jufreire
Office: L451

  Luana Sá de Azevedo
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 2011
E-mail: luana
Office: L451

  Luciana Arruda
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 2002
E-mail: larruda
Office: L451

  Luís Eduardo F. B. Moreira
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 2008
E-mail: luis
Office: L451

  Mônica Moreira Barros
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 1998
E-mail: monca
Office: L451

  Renata Rosa
PhD, IMPA, 1996
E-mail: rrosa
Office: L864
Phone: 3527-1738

  Silvana Marini
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 2002
E-mail: silvana
Office: L451

  Tatiana Sodero
PhD, UFRJ, 2014
E-mail: tatianasodero
Office: L451

  Vera Syme Benzecry
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 1987
E-mail: vsyme
Office: L451

  Wilson Reis de Souza Neto
M.Sci, PUC-Rio, 2007
E-mail: will
Office: L451


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