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Permanent Faculty

Name: Carlos Tomei
Title: PhD, NYU 1982
Office: 750L
Position: Full Professor
Phone: 3527-1719
E-mail: tomei
Research Areas: Analysis and Mathematical Physics and Computational Mathematics

Knowledge may be applicable or may increase understanding, sometimes both. But where is it? I entered college as an engineering student, found some courses boring and shifted to mathematics, which required less credits. During my third and last year as an undergraduate, I was an intern at IBGE, the federal institution encharged of the census, and was very moved by the available data. I became a vegetarian and considered a M.Sc. in agricultural planning, but I soon realized that was a highly theoretical career in Brazil. Luck interfered: P.Deift, from NYU, came to visit our Department and in 1979 I started my PhD studies under his wonderful supervision. Deift remained a constant inspiration for the rest of my career. In 1982, through a Gibbs instructorship at Yale, I had the additional luck of meeting two other sources of inspiration, R. Beals and R. Coifman: there was no way I could do something different from math in life. At the Department of Mathematics here at PUC, my intellectual freedom allowed me to place strong bets – some successful – and to appreciate a diversity of mathematical forms and styles, a wealth of problems and colleagues.
updated (11/18/2019)

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