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Eduardo Teles da Silva   and   Humberto José Bortolossi

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The JAVA Applet

MatHSoliD is a freeware program for exploring and constructing platonic and archimedean polyhedra. You can use MatHSoliD to manipulate polyhedral solids on the computer in a variety of ways: flattened versions of polyhedra may be printed and then cut out, folded, and taped, to produce three-dimensional models. MatHSoliD was developed with the graphical library JavaView as part of an undergraduate project sponsored by FAPESB (Santa Cruz State University, BA, Brazil).

You may use the applet offline downloading the file The source code of the program is also available in this file. MatHSoliD supports the following languages portuguese, french, german and spanish.


To run this applet, you need the version 1.4 or higher of the Java Runtime Environment installed in your computer. A version for Microsoft Windows may be downloaded here (file j2re1.4.exe with 10 Mb).

The applet takes some time to be loaded in the first time. Please, be patient. If the applet doesn't start, you may need to change the Java settings in your browser. For the Windows XP, access the option “Java Plug-in” available in the “Control Panel”. Choose the tab “Advanced” and add the parameter --Xmx128M to the text field “Java Runtime Parameters”.

Basic commands of the program

You may rotate the figure dragging the mouse with the left button pressed. You may also use the keyboard to change temporarelly the operation mode over the figure. For this, press the key

s to zoom in or zoom out,
t to translate or
w to automatic rotation

while you drag the mouse. The key r resets the figure to its initial position.