International Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis
Satellite Conference of the ICM2018
SÃo Carlos - August 13 to 17, 2018


The International Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis intends to gather international, top-level, experts working in the field, around a soundly-based Scientific Program. The topics covered by this Program shall amount to a broad spectrum of subjects, reflecting current trends in the interface between Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Geometric Measure Theory. Those shall include, but not be limited to, the following: over-determinated systems of complex vector fields, qualitative properties of solutions of PDEs, regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations, hyperbolic equations and systems, linear and nonlinear PDEs, fluid mechanics, numerical methods for PDEs and applications to social and life sciences.

Here you will find relevant information on the event. Those concern the List of Speakers, the Organizing and Scientific Committees, a registration form as well as the venue.

We look forward to welcome you in Brazil!


Organising Committee

  1. Prof. Damião Araujo
  2. Prof. Gustavo Hoepfner - co-chair
  3. Prof. Stefania Patrizi
  4. Prof. Tiago Picon
  5. Prof. Edgard Pimentel - co-chair
  6. Prof. Malabika Pramanik
  7. Prof. Jose Ruidival Soares dos Santos Filho
  8. Prof. Andrew Seth Raich
  9. Prof. Boyan Sirakov

Scientific Committee

  1. Prof. Shiferaw Berhanu
  2. Prof. Paulo D. Cordaro
  3. Prof. Jorge G. Hounie
  4. Prof. Hitoshi Ishii
  5. Prof. Nicolas Lerner
  6. Prof. Marius Mitrea
  7. Prof. Panagiotis Souganidis
  8. Prof. Henrik Shahgholian

List of Speakers

  1. Prof. Ariel Barton (USA)
  2. Prof. Shiferaw Berhanu (USA)
  3. Prof. Isabeau Birindelli (Italy)
  4. Prof. Albert Boggess (USA)
  5. Prof. Julián Fernandez Bonder (Argentina)
  6. Prof. Emanuel Carneiro (Brazil)
  7. Prof. Paulo D. Cordaro (Brazil)
  8. Prof. Galia Dafni (Canada)
  9. Prof. Jorge G. Hounie (Brazil)
  10. Prof. Hitoshi Ishii (Japan)
  11. Prof. Tran Vu Khanh (Australia)
  12. Prof. Svitlana Mayboroda (USA)
  13. Prof. Jeffrey McNeal (USA)
  1. Prof. Cecilia Mondaini (USA)
  2. Prof. Dorina Mitrea (USA)
  3. Prof. Irina Mitrea (USA)
  4. Prof. Marius Mitrea (USA)
  5. Prof. Thierry de Pauw (France)
  6. Prof. Benoit Perthame (France)
  7. Prof. Emanuel Russ (France)
  8. Prof. Henrik Shahgholian (Sweden)
  9. Prof. Yannick Sire (USA)
  10. Prof. Emil Straube (USA)
  11. Prof. Enrico Valdinoci (Australia)
  12. Prof. Yunus Zeytuncu (USA)

Program & Abstracts

The Scientific Program will have a Poster Session. Advanced graduate students and post-docs are encouraged to submit poster information (title and abstract) to until June 30 2018.

The Workshop’s Program and the abstracts of the talks will be available in the near future


Registration is required to attend the event.

We kindly suggest participants to pay their registration fees on site, at the Workshop's Secretariat.

  • Professor and postdoctoral fellows: 150 USD
  • Graduate students: 50 USD
  • Undergraduate students: 20 USD


Auditório Bento Prado Jr. - Universidade Federal de São Carlos

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Rodovia Washington Luís, Km 235,

s/n- Jardim Guanabara São Carlos-

SP 13565-905, São Carlos - SP

Airports in the nearby area:

Aeroporto Internacional de Cumbica (GRU)

Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos (VCP)

The Organizing Committee will provide participants with (limited) ground transportation from those airports to São Carlos.

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