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Required Number of Credits

Total number of credits: 141


  • Math Program Core Courses: 36 credits
  • BC Core Courses: 44 credits
  • Religious Required Courses: 8 credits


  • Electives: 20 credits


  • Math Program Selective Courses: 15 credits
  • Philosophy courses - PB – 4 credits
  • Religious Selective Courses: 4 credits

Complementary Activities

  • Extracurricular Activities: 10 credits

Core Courses

Math Undergraduate Required Courses– 36 credits

Basic Cycle Core Courses – 44 credits

Religious courses – OR – 8 credits

Selective Courses

Elective Courses

The elective courses can be taken in or out of the Math Department.

Students who have already completed the majority of core courses and elective credits may take courses on the Graduate Program: