Graduate Study

Graduate Program

The Graduate Program of the Mathematics Department (DMat) is one of the most traditional programs of Brazil. Its Master started in 1969 and its PhD Program in 1973. Until Dezember 2018, 292 of our students graduated from the Master’s Program and 105 from the PhD. The students receive a solid mathematical foundation that allows them to pursue an academic life or to take a position that demand substantial mathematical knowledge. Faculty members help each student giving special attention to their academic needs and goals. There is a close interaction between mathematicians from both pure and applied mathematics with industry. Our alumni work at universities and companies in Brazil and abroad, many of them holding key positions at their jobs.

There are 17 permanent faculty members and 2 collaborators. Out of the17, 11 have been awarded prestigious CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) grants (seven, level 1 and four, level 2) and three of them are members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (two permanent and one an affiliate member) . The students of the graduate program are mainly sponsored by fellowships of CNPq, CAPES, FAPERJ as well as the Academic Provost Office of PUC-Rio (VRAC).



Boyan Sirakov

Edgard Pimentel (Deputy Coordinator)