71º EDAÍ - UFF, Campus de Gragoatá

71º EDAÍ: 20 de Outubro de 2017
Auditório do bloco G, Campus do Gragoatá, UFF

Local:Auditório do bloco G, Campus do Gragoatá, UFF Cartaz
14h30-15h:30 Palestra 1 Misha Verbitsky

Ergodic action of mapping class group on Teichmüller space of symplectic structures

RESUMO: Symplectic Teichmüller space is the space of symplectic structures up to isotopy. It is a smooth, nite-dimensional, possibly non-Hausdor manifold, equipped with an action of the mapping class group. I will give examples when this action is ergodic and explain some geometric consequences of ergodicity.

15h45 - 16h:45 Palestra2 Sergio Romaña
A rigidity theorem for Anosov geodesic floows

RESUMO: In this seminar we will show how the Anosov dynamics of geodesic flows impose conditions of rigidity on geometry. More specically, we will prove that the constant of contraction of the geodesic flow can be controlled with the sectional curvature, and this control provides rigidity.

Intervalo para o café (16h:45 - 17h:15)
17h15 - 18h15 Palestra 3 Xiaochuan Liu
Rotation vectors for minimal two torus diffeomorphisms
RESUMO: In this talk, we will look at the pointwise rotation vector for a smooth two torus diffeomorphism. We show that there exist examples where for Lebesgue almost every point of T2, the pointwise rotation vector is not well dened. That is, when we try to use the usual way to dene this number, the limit does not exist. The method we use, is a variant of Artur Avila's method to obtain a counter-example of Franks-Misiurewicz conjecture. Avila's method is a variant of Anosov-Katok method of fast approximation and conjugation. This is a joint work with A. Avila and D. Xu.
Confraternização: 19h00 - ∞  Chopp na Cantareira 
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