83º EDAÍ - UFF, Campus de Gragoatá

83º EDAÍ: 28 de Junho de 2019
Sala de Seminários, 4o andar do Bloco H, Campus de Gragoatá, UFF

Local: Sala de Seminários, 4to andar do Bloco H, Campus de Gragoatá, UFF
14:00h:-15:00h Matinê Udayan B. Darji
(Univ. of Louisville)
Linear Dynamics
 RESUMO: Linear dynamics is a relatively recent area of mathematics which lies at the intersection of operator theory and dynamical systems. A flurry of intriguing results have been obtained in this area starting with investigation of transitivity and mixing. Recent investigations include concepts such as Li-Yorke, Devaney and distributional chaos, invariant measures, ergodicity and frequently hypercyclic, expansive, hyperbolic, shadowing and structural stability. In this survey panoramic talk, we will highlight some of the essential results. We will also discuss some of the joint results of the speaker with Bernardes, Cirilo, Messaoudi, Pires, Pujals, Varão and others.
15:10h-16:10h Palestra1 Alex M. Zamudio

Hausdorff dimension of projections of dynamically defined complex Cantor sets


Intervalo para o café (16h:10 - 16h:40)
16:40h - 17:40h Palestra2 Khadim War
Uniqueness of the measure of maximal entropy for geodesic flows on certain manifolds without conjugate points
 RESUMO: We prove that for closed surfaces M with Riemannian metrics without conjugate points and genus than 2 the geodesic flow on the unit tangent bundle has a unique measure of maximal entropy. Furthermore, this measure is fully supported and the flow is mixing with respect to this measure. We formulate conditions under which this result extends to higher dimensions.
Confraternização: 18h00 - ∞ - Chopp na Cantareira
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