Dissertação de Mestrado - Isabela Vasconcellos Viana

An Analytical Model for Injectivity Tests in Multilayered Reservoir with Crossflow

An injectivity test consists of injecting a phase, usually water, into an oil reservoir in order to collect information about it. Knowing these reservoir's parameters can be valuable in order to improve oil production. Many studies have been presented regarding the behavior of pressure in multilayered reservoirs under single phase fluid flow and, also, during injectivity tests. However, an analytical solution for pressure behavior in multilayered reservoirs during injectivity tests is well known only when the formation crossflow is not considered. Therefore, the present work attempts to develop an analytical model in the Laplace space for multilayered radially composite reservoirs with formation crossflow under single phase fluid flow, and then, for multilayered reservoirs with formation crossflow under two phase fluid flow.