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Christian Bonatti, Lorenzo J. Díaz, Dominik Kwietniak, Robust existence of nonhyperbolic ergodic measures with positive entropy and full support,
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Edgar Matias, Non-hyperbolic Iterated Function Systems: semifractals and the chaos game,
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Sebastián A. Pérez, Hénon-like families and blender-horseshoes at non-transverse heterodimensional cycles,
Carlos Tomei, Teaching as an indicator of mathematical practices, - PDF
Sinesio Pesco, Orlando Fonseca Guilarte, Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa, Simplified Graph-based Visualization for Scientific Publication,
Gabrielle Saller Nornberg, C1,α,regularity for fully nonlinear elliptic equations with superlinear growth in the gradient
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Katrin Gelfert, Tiane Marcarini, Michał Rams, The structure of the space of ergodic measures of transitive partially hyperbolic sets
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Katrin Gelfert, Bruno Santiago, Weak* and entropy approximation of nonhyperbolic measures: a geometrical approach
Lorenzo J. Díaz and Sebastián A. Pérez, Blender-horseshoes in center-unstable Hénon-like families
Boyan Sirakov, Gabrielle Nornberg, A priori bounds and multiplicity for fully nonlinear equations with quadratic growth in the gradient
Boyan Sirakov, Nikola Kamburov, Uniform a priori estimates for positive solutions of the Lane-Emden equation in the plane
Carlos Tomei, André Zaccur, Marta Calanchi, Global folds between Banach spaces as perturbations
Edgard A. Pimentel, Regularity theory for the Isaacs equation through approximation methods
Nicolau C. Saldanha,Emília Alves, Results on the homotopy type of the spaces of locally convex curves on S3
Nicolau C. Saldanha, Pedro Zühlke, Spaces of curves with constrained curvature on hyperbolic surfaces
Ricardo Alonso, Véronique Bagland, Bertrand Lods, V Eronique Bagland, Convergence to self-similarity for ballistic annihilation dynamics


Lorenzo J. Díaz, Katrin Gelfert, Michał Rams, Entropy spectrum of Lyapunov exponents for nonhyperbolic step skew-products and elliptic cocycles.
Ricardo Alonso, Irene M. Gamba, Minh-Binh Tran, The Cauchy problem for the quantum Boltzmann equation for bosons at very low temperature.
Ricardo J. Alonso, Irene M. Gamba, Sri Harsha Tharkabhushanam, Convergence and error estimates for the Lagrangian based Conservative Spectral method for Boltzmann Equations
Carlos Tomei, Thomas Lewiner, Tiago Novello, Joao Paixao, Gradient Line Fields on Surfaces
Alessandro Alla, Valeria Simoncini, Order reduction approaches for the algebraic Riccati equation and the LQR problem-
Alessandro Alla, Michael Hinze, Oliver Lass, Stefan Ulbrich, A Certified Model Reduction Approach for robust optimal control with PDE constraints -
Boyan Sirakov, Carlos Tomei, André Zaccur, Results of Ambrosetti-Prodi type for non-selfadjoint elliptic operators-
Alessia Mandini, Milena Pabiniak, On the Gromov width of polygon spaces-
Carlos Hugo Jiménez, Marcos Montenegro, Julian Haddad, Sharp affine weighted Lp Sobolev type inequalities -
David Martínez Torres, Ignasi Mundet i Riera,Nontrivial bundles of coadjoint orbits over S2 -
David Martínez Torres, Eva Miranda, Zeroth Poisson homology, foliated cohomology and perfect Poisson manifolds -
Edgard A. Pimentel,Ricardo Castillo, Interior Sobolev regularity for fully nonlinear parabolic equations -
Marcos Craizer, Ronaldo Alves Garcia, Quadratic Points of Surfaces in Projective 3-Space -
Marcos Craizer, Ady Cambraia Jr., Envelope of Mid-Hyperplanes of a Hypersurface -
Marcos Craizer, Ralph Teixeira, Vitor Balestro, Discrete Cycloids from Convex Symmetric Polygons -
Boyan Sirakov, Boundary weak Harnack estimates and quantitative strong maximum principles for uniformly elliptic PDE -
Nicolau C. Saldanha, Juliana Freire, Caroline J. Klivans, Pedro H. Milet, On the connectivity of spaces of three-dimensional tilings -
Rafael O. Ruggiero, Artur O. Lopes, Large deviations and Aubry-Mather measures supported in nonhyperbolic closed geodesics -
Simon Griffiths,Daniel Ahlberg, Svante Janson, Robert Morris, Competition in growth and urns -
Rafael O. Ruggiero, Katrin Gelfert, Geodesic flows modeled by expansive flows-
Ricardo Sa Earp, Eric Toubiana, A reflection principle for minimal surfaces in smooth three manifolds -
Ricardo Alonso, Irene M. Gamba, Maja Tasković, Exponentially-tailed regularity and time asymptotic for the homogeneous Boltzmann equation -
Silvius Klein,Pedro Duarte, Topological obstructions to dominated splitting for ergodic translations on the higher dimensional torus -
C. Lizana, W. Ranter - Topological obstructions for robustly transitive endomorphisms on surfaces -
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Edgar Matias - Attracting graphs of skew products with non-contracting fiber maps -
Jaqueline Siqueira, José Ferreira Alves e Vanessa Ramos - Equilibrium stability for non-uniformly hyperbolic maps -
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Edgar Matias - Stability of the Markov operator and synchronization of Markovian random products -
Karina Marin, Chao Liang, Jiagang Yang, - Lyapunov exponents of partially hyperbolic volume-preserving maps with 2-dimensional center bundle -
Simon Griffiths, Béla Bollobás, Robert Morris, Leonardo Rolla, Paul Smith, - Nucleation and growth in two dimensions -
Silvius Klein, - Anderson localization for one-frequency quasi-periodic block Jacobi operators -
Lorenzo J. Díaz, Katrin Gelfert, Maik Gröger, Tobias Jäger, Hyperbolic graphs: critical regularity and box dimension -
Sirakov, B.; Tomei, C.; Zaccur, A. Results of Ambrosetti-Prodi type for non-selfadjoint elliptic operators -
Silvius Klein, Pedro Duarte, Continuity, positivity and simplicity of the Lyapunov exponents for quasi-periodic cocycles -


Tomei, C. - Retórica e expressividade da Matemática. - PDF
M.Craizer, M.J.Saia and L.F.Sánches. - Affine Focal Sets of Codimension 2 Submanifolds contained in Hypersurfaces -
M.Craizer, R.Teixeira and V.Balestro. - Closed Cycloids in a Normed Plane -
M.Craizer and S.Pesco. - Affine Geometry of Equal-volume Polygons in 3-space -
Díaz, L.J.; Gelfert, K.; Rams, M. - Nonhyperbolic step skew-products: Entropy spectrum of Lyapunov exponents - PDF
Díaz, L. J.; Bochi, J.; Bonatti, C.- A criterion for zero averages and full support of ergodic measures - PDF
Torres, D.M.; Crainic, M.; Fernandes, R.J. - Regular poisson manifolds of compact types - PDF
Frejlich, P.; M Arcut, I. - On realizations of Dirac structures by closed two-forms - PDF
Frejlich, P.; M Arcut, I. - normal form for poisson maps and sympletic groupoids around poisson transversals - PDF
Frejlich, P.; M Arcut, I. - The normal form Theorem around poisson transversals - PDF
C. H. Jiménez, P. L. de Nápoli, J. Haddad, M. Montenegro - The Sharp Affine L2 Sobolev Trace Inequality and Variants - PDF
Castro, A.; Arnaudon, A.; Holm, D.D. - Noise and dissipation in rigid body motion - PDF
Castro, A.; Arnaudon, A.; Holm, D.D. - Noise and dissipation on coadjoint orbits - PDF
Díaz, L. J.; Bonatti, C.; Crovisier, S.; Wilkinson, A.- What is.... a blender? - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Matias, E. - Non-hyperbolic iterated function systems: attractors and stationary measures - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Gelfert, K.; Rams, M. - Nonhyperbolic step skew-products: Ergodic approximation - PDF
Torres, D.M.; Miranda, E. - Weakly Hamiltonian actions - PDF
Torres, , D.M.; Crainic,M.; Fernandes, R. L - Poisson Manifolds of Compact Types (PMCT 1) - PDF
Torres,D. M.; Frejlich,P;Miranda,E. - A Note On Symplectic Topology Of b-Manifold - PDF
Earp, R.S; Toubiana, E. - Concentration of total curvature of minimal surfaces in H^2xR - PDF



Castro, A.; Howard, W.; Shanbrom, C.-Stratification of the monster/semple tower under the Diffeomorphism group of R³ - PDF
Craizer, M. Equiaffine Characterization of Langrangian Surfaces in R4 - PDF
Craizer, M.; Martini, H. Involutes of Polygons of Constant Width in Minkowski Planes - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Esteves, S.;Rocha,J. Skew product cycles with rich dynamics: from totally non-hyperbolic dynamics to fully prevalent hyperbolicity - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Bochi, J.; Bonatti, C. - Robust criterion for the existence of nonhyperbolic ergodic measures - PDF
Torres, D. M. - The Diffeomorphism Type of Canonical Integrations of Poisson Tensors on Surfaces - PDF
Saldanha,N.C; Tomei,C. ; Freire, J; - Scaling limits of discrete copulas are bridged Brownian sheets - PDF
Craizer M. ; Junior. A.C. - Envelope of Mid-Planes of Surfaces in R³ - PDF
Craizer,M.; Marcelo J. Saia and Luis F. S - Equiaffine Darboux Frames for Codimension 2 Submanifolds contained in Hypersurfaces - PDF
Saldanha, N.C; Millet, P.H - Domino tilings of three-dimensional regions: flips, trits and twists - PDF
Earp, R.S; Nelli, B; Toubiana, E . - Minimal Graphs in Nil_3 : existence and non-existence results - PDF
Ruggiero, R.; Foulon, P. A first integral for C ∞, K-Basic Finsler surfaces and applications to rigidity - PDF
Schweitzer, P.A.; Meniño, C. Exotic open 4-manifolds which are non-leaves - PDF
Scala, L. Higher symmetric powers of tautological bundles on Hilbert schemes of points on a surface - PDF
Scala, L. Singularities of the Isospectral Hilbert Scheme - PDF
Scala, L. Notes on diagonals of the product and symmetric variety of a surface - PDF
Saldanha, N.C; Telles, M. - Spaces of completions of elementary theories and convergence laws for random hypergraphs - PDF
Saldanha, N.C; Zühlke, P. - Homotopy type of spaces of curves with constrained curvature on flat surfaces - PDF
Tomei, C.; Zaccur, A.; Calanchi, M. - Abundance of cusps and a converse to the Ambrosetti Prodi theorem - PDF


M.Craizer, W.Domitrz and M.Rios. - Even Dimensional Improper Affine Spheres -
Ruggiero, R.; Lazrag, A.; Rifford, L. Franks' Lemma For C2-MAÑÉ Perturbations of Riemannian Metrics and Applications to Persistence - PDF
Lewiner T.; Faugeroux, D.; Vieira, .. Simplified traning for gesture recognition - PDF
Saldanha,N.; Milet, P.H. Flip invariance for dominio tilings of three-dimensional regions with two floors - PDF
Schweitzer, P.A.; Souza, S.F.. Classical invariants of legendrian knots in the 3-dimensional torus - PDF
Castro, A.; Howard, W. Speeling rules for the monster/semple tower - PDF
Torres, D.M; Pino, del A.; Presas,F. - Transverse Geometry of Foliations Calibrated by Non-Degenerate Closed 2-Forms - PDF
Torres, D.M. - Semisimple Coadjoint Orbits and Cotangent Bundles - PDF
Alonso, R.; Lods, B. Boltzmann Model for Viscoelastic Particles: Asymptotic Behavior, Pointwise Lower Bounds and Regularity. - PDF
Bochi, J.; Milet, P.H. Peano Curves with Smooth Footprints - PDF
Ruggiero, R.; Gelfert, K. On Geodesic Flows Modeled by Expansive Flows up to Time-Preserving Semi-conjugacy - PDF
Saldanha, N.; Millet, P.H. - Domino tilings of three-dimensional regions: flips, trits and twists - PDF
Saldanha, N.; Zuhlke , P. Homotopy type of spaces of curves with constrained curvature on flat surfaces - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Marcarini,. T. Generation of spines in porcupine-like horseshoes - PDF
Tomei, C.; Zaccur, A.; Carlanchi, M. Fibers and global geometry of functions - PDF
Lewiner, T.; Burton, B.A.; Paixao, J.; Spreer, J. Parameterized complexity of discrete Morse theory - PDF

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Bochi, J.; Rams, M. TheEntropy Of Lyapunov-Optimizing Measures Of Some Matrix Cocycles-PDF
Saldanha,N.; Zühlke, P. Spaces of curves with constrained curvature on flat surfaces, I - PDF
Schweitzer, P.A.; Souza, S.F. Manifolds that are not leaves of codimension one foliations - PDF
Castro, A.; Howard, W. A Semple approach to Goursat: The multi-flag case - PDF
Silvestre, L.; Sirakov, B. Overdetermined problems for fully nonlinear elliptic equations - PDF
Silvestre, L.; Sirakov, B. Boundary regularity for viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear elliptic equations - PDF
Medeiros, E.; Ingrid, L.; Pesco,S.; Silva, C. Fast Adaptive Blue Noise on Polygonal Surfaces - PDF
Bochi, J.; Morris, D. I. Continuity Properties of the Lower Spectral Radius - PDF
Gonçalves, P.; Bernardin, C.; Landim, C. Entropy of Non-Equilibrium Stationary Measures of Boundary Driven Tasep - PDF
Gonçalves, P.; Jara, M. Nonlinear Fluctuations of Interacting Particle Systems - PDF
Tomei, C. The Toda Lattice, Old And New - PDF
Castro, A.; Lessig, C. The Geometry of Radiative Transfer - PDF
Ruggiero, R. O. Hopf Conjecture Holds for Analytic, K-Basic Finsler 2 Tori Without Conjugate Points - PDF
Castro, A.; Koiller, J. On the dynamic Markov–Dubins problem: from path planning in robotics and biolocomotion to computational Anatomy- PDF
Lewiner, T.; Nascimento, R. Streamline-based topological graph construction with application to self-animated images - PDF
Lewiner T.; Paixão J. Discrete morse gradient fields with stable matching - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Kiriki, S.; Shinohara, K. Blenders in center unstable Hénon-like families:  with an application to heterodimensional bifurcations. - PDF
Tomei, C.; Zaccur, A. Geometric aspects of Ambrosetti-Prodi operators with Lipschitz nonlinearities - PDF
Saldanha,N.; Zühlke, P. On the components of spaces of curves on the 2-sphere with geodesic curvature in a prescribed interval - PDF
Pesco, S.;Sá, L.; Lopes, H.; Bordignon, A.L.; Figueiredo, L.H. Point-based rendering of implicit surfaces in R4 - PDF
Sá Earp, R.; Nelli B.;Toubiana E. Maximum principle and symmetry for minimal hypersurfaces in Hn x R - PDF
Lizana, C.; Pinheiro, V.; Varandas, P. Contribution to the ergodic theory of robustly transitive maps - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Gelfert, K. Porcupine-like horseshoes topological and ergodic aspects - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Gelfert, K.; Rams, M. Abundant rich phase transitions in step skew products - PDF
Bochi, J.; Navas, A. Almost reduction and perturbation of matrix cocycles - PDF
Bochi, J. Generic linear cocycles over a minimal base - PDF
Lewiner T.; Miranda L.; Vieira T.; Martínez D.; Vieira, A. W.; Campos, M. F. M. Online gesture recognition from pose kernel learning and decision forests - PDF
Paixão, J.; Burton B. A.;Spreer J. Computational topology and normal surfaces: theoretical and experimental complexity bounds - PDF
Craizer, M. Symmetrization of convex planar curves - PDF

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Bochi, J.; Díaz, L.J.; Bonatti, C. Robust Vanishing of all Lyapunov exponents for iterated function systems - PDF
Bochi, J; Gourmelon, N. Note on the dimension of certain algebraic sets of matrices - PDF
Bochi, J; Gourmelon, N. Universal regular control for generic semilinear systems - PDF
Castro, A.L.; Wyatt, C. H. A monster tower approach to goursat multi-flags - PDF
Craizer, M. Singularities of convex Improper Affine Maps - PDF
Craizer, M.; Teixeira, R.C; Da Silva, M.H.A.B. Paralleloppositesidespolygons. - PDF
Craizer, M; Rios, P.M. Even dimensional improperaffinespheres - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Gelfert,K.; RamsM. Almost complete Lyapunov spectrum in step skew-products - PDF
Lewiner, T.; Miranda, L.; Vieira, T.; Martínez, D.; Vieira, A.W.; Campos, M. Real-time gesture recognition from depth data through key poses learning and decision forests - PDF
Lewiner, T.;Paixão, J; Burton, B. A.;Spreer, J. Parameterized complexity of discrete morse theory. - PDF
Lewiner, T.; Vieira, A. W.; Schwartz, W.; Campos, M. Distance matrices as invariant features for classifying MoCap data - PDF
Palmeira, C.F.B.; Eschenazi, C.S. Intersections of Hugoniot curves with sonic surfaces in the wave Manifold - PDF
Ruggiero, R.O.; Gomes, J.B. Transitivity of finsler geodesic flows in compact surfaces without conjugate points and higher genus - PDF
Ruggiero, R.O.; Jane, D. Boundary of Anosov dynamics and evolution equations for surface - PDF
Sá Earp, R. Uniform a priori estimates for a class of horizontal minimal equations - PDF
Sá Earp, R. Uniqueness of minimal surfaces whose boundary is a horizontal graph and some bernstein problems in H2x R - PDF
Sá Earp, R.; Elbert, M.F. All solutions of the CMC-equation in Hn x R invariants by parabolic screw motion - PDF
Sá Earp, R.; Hauswirth, L.; Nelli, B.; Toubiana, E. A schoen theorem for minimal surfaces in H2 x R. - PDF
Saldanha, N.C. The homotopy type of spaces of locally convex curves in the sphere - PDF
Sirakov, B.; Dupaigne, L.; Farina, A. Regularity of the extremal solutions for the Liouville system - PDF
Sirakov, B.; Felmer, P.; Quaas, A. Sirakov, B.; Felmer, P.; Quaas, A. - Solvability of nonlinear elliptic equations with gradient terms - PDF

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Abdenur, F;Crovisier, S. Transitivity and topological mixing for C1diffeomorphisms. - PDF
Díaz,L. J.;Gelfert, K.; Rams, M. Rich phase transitions in step skew-products. - PDF
Díaz, L.J.;Bonatti, C.; Kiriki, S. Stabilization of heterodimensional cycles - PDF
Díaz, L.J.; Bonatti, C.H. Fragile cycles - PDF
Freire, J; Spencer, J. Proppian Random Walks in Z - PDF
Lewiner, T. Critical sets in discrete Morse theories: relating Forman and piecewise-linear approaches.
Lewiner, T.; Andrade, M. - Cálculo e estimação de invariantes geométricos: Uma introdução às geometrias euclidiana e afim - PDF
Lewiner, T.; Andrade, M.; Cabral, A.; Melo, V.; Peixoto, A. Curvas e superfícies implícitas: noções de geometria diferencial e discreta.

Lopes, H.; Lage, M.; Carvalho, M.S. Flows with suspended and floating particles. PDF

Ruggiero, R.O.; Carneiro, M. J. D. Birkhoff first theorem for Lagrangian, invariant tori in dimension 3. PDF

Ruggiero,R.O.; Gomes, J.B. Weak integrability of Hamiltonians in the two torus and rigidity. 

Ruggiero, R.O.; Rifford, L. Generic properties of closed orbits of Hamiltonian flows from Mañe's viewpoint.

Tomei,C.; Cal Neto, J.T. Numerical Analysis of Semilinearlliptic Equations With Finite Spectral Interaction. PDF

Tomei, C.; Da Silva, E.T. The geometry of finite difference discretizations of semilinear elliptic operators. PDF

Tomei, C.; Neto, J.T.C A numerical algorithm for Ambrosetti-Prodi type operators. PDF

Volchan, S.B. De Newton à Boltzmann: O teorema Landford. PDF

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Craizer, M. Visual contours and planar sections for affine immersions. PDF

Craizer, M.; Teixeira, R. C. Volume distance to hypersurfaces: relation with the Blaschke metric and the shape operator. PDF

Díaz,L. J.;Bonatti, C.H.;Crovisier,S.;Gourmelon,N. Internal perturbations of homoclinic classes: Non-domination, cycles, and self-replication. PDF

Díaz, L. J.; Fisher, T.; Pacifico, M. J.; Vieitez, J. L. Entropy-expansiveness for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms. PDF

Díaz,L. J.; Gelfert, K. Porcupine-Like Horseshoes: Transitivity, Lyapunov spectrum, and Phase Transitions. PDF

Gomes, J.B; Ruggiero, R.O. Smooth k-basic finsler compact surfaces with expansive geodesic flows are Riemannian.

Lewiner, T.; Andrade, M.; Affine-invariant curvature estimators for implicit surfaces. PDF

Lewiner, T.; Aleardi, L.C.; Fusy,E. Optimal encoding of triangular and quadrangular meshes with fixed topology. PDF

Lewiner, T.; Lopes, H.;Paixão, J.;Nascimento, R.; Topology aware vector field denoising. PDF

Lewiner, T.; Lopes, H.; Paixão, J.; Pesco, S.; Vieira, T.;Bordignon, A.; Cabral, A.; Marques, C.; Custódio, L.; Lage, M.; Andrade, M.; Nascimento, R.; De Botton, S.; Mello, V.; Peixoto, A.; Martinez, D. Tuning manifold harmonics filters. PDF

Lewiner, T.; Vieira, T.; Martinez, D.; Peixoto, A.; Mello, V.; Velho, L.- Interactive 3d caricature from harmonic exaggeration.  PDF

Lewiner, T.;Pesco, S.; Lopes,H.; Mello, V.; Peixoto, A. Fast dual generation of pointerlessoctrees. PDF

Saldanha, N. C.; Tomei, C.; Leite, R. S. Convergence rates to deflation of simple shift strategies. PDF

Schweitzer, P.A. Mathematics, Reality and God. PDF

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