SEMINÁRIO DE ANÁLISE E EDP - Some models to describe strategic binary games

Some models to describe strategic binary games.
Expositor: Daniela Tonon
Instituição: Paris-Dauphine
Data e Horário: 01/11/2017 | 17:00hs

RESUMO: In this talk, we study the behavior of a population composed by rational individuals, which interact through a binary game. After showing different possibilities to describe these interactions, such as Boltzmann equation or Mean field games theory, we restrict to a  kinetic description of the system which is in between the two formulations mentioned above. For the resulting model we study existence and uniqueness of solutions. We then focus our attention on a linear game and we provide its asymptotics in the high-frequency and vanishing payoff case. The quantitative behavior of the model is then shown through some numerical simulation.