SEMINÁRIO SIMPLÉTICO - G2 Instantons on noncompact G2-manifolds

G2 Instantons on noncompact G2-manifolds
Expositor:Gonçalo Oliveira
Data e Horário: 22/09/2017 | 11:30hs

RESUMO: (This is joint work with Jason Lotay) I shall describe my joint work with Jason Lotay concerning existence and classification results for G2-instantons on noncompact manifolds. That work investigates the particular case of R^4 x S^3, with it's two explicitly known distinct G2-holonomy metrics, exhibiting the different existence/behavior of G2-instantons. I will also give an explicit example of sequences of G2-instantons where “bubbling” and “removable singularity” phenomena occur in the limit. If time permits, I will state some quite accessible (I hope) open problems.